About us.

Our Approach To Client Service.

Developing a long-term relationship and achieving success together.

When partnering with Waterway, you can expect significant engagement with veteran dealmakers, first-class transaction execution and the highest confidentiality and discretion.

Ownership & Independence

Ownership is one of Waterway’s major strengths as it is something that has to be part of the DNA and more difficult to achieve in larger organisations with multiple levels of hierarchy. Waterway guarantees independent involvement in every step of the process. Reputation is the major pillar of our business. Every decision we make is aimed at retaining a stellar reputation and ownership plays an important role in this process.

Alignment Of Interests

Waterway sees itself as an extension of the client and its paramount goal is to defend the client’s interests. For Waterway this is a question of mindset and work ethic, with the idea that client relationships are infinite and not just driven by a single deal. Waterway as a boutique is owner-managed. This means we can offer 100% alignment of interests, fast decision making and flexibility.

Excellence & Know How

Being a boutique competing with global market players, your only chance is to be better than the rest. Any car can take you from A to B, but the question is how rapidly and comfortably you can complete the journey without experiencing any setbacks along the way. The goal is a satisfied and happy passenger. Knowledge is what clients pay us for. That’s why we heavily invest in our people, as well as databases and technical setup, in order to retain the edge in market and transaction know-how.

Our Client Approach Philosophy is simple: Build success together through ownership, alignment of interests, excellence & know-how.